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Betting Guides

If you are new to online betting then we will make sure to teach you how to play! Follow our guides and become a professional.

Online Betting Bonus US

Online betting in the U.S. has taken over the casino market with a storm. In today dynamic and fast-paced era where virtually everything is going digital, casinos have followed suit. When you choose an online casino, you are assured of gaming services anywhere you are. Every activity, from signing up to crediting deposits and withdrawal are all online. If you are a U.S. based gambling enthusiast, you are familiar with various onlinebetting bonuses and rewards offered by top-class betting usa casinos.

A betting bonus us or reward from your favorite casino is a great way to add a few bucks to your win column. However, online betting usa casinos in the U.S. do not offer bonuses only for goodwill, to qualify for these bonuses, different online casinos have different wagering conditions and gamblers’ requirements.

While some online betting casinos will not set too complicated rules, for some, it will take a miracle to unlock an online betting bonus. Some states have highly restrictive laws that prevent online gambling. Therefore, before you enroll for online betting, please confirm what is allowed or restricted in your country.

illutration of betting guides

Odds Comparison

All betting sites offer different odds on the matches, therefore it’s always good to compare the odds on the sites. We’ve seen that it’s becoming more popular to optimise the winnings this way. You can now compare this directly on our website.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a betting bonus?

A betting bonus is a promotion betting sites uses to attract new and existing players. Lets say that you deposit $100, then normally they will give you another $100 on top of that for free.

What is wagering requirement?

When the betting site gives you a bonus there is normally terms & condition saying that you have to wager a certain amount before you can withdrawal money. Always read through the rules before you choose a bonus.

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Choosing the Best Online Casino

To access the most rewarding U.S. online betting bonus, you will have to start by selecting the most reputable online casino in the U.S. If you are a gambling beginner, you may wonder which website to go for in an overflowing online casino market. The following tips will help you through selecting online casinos with top-notch games and generous bonuses

Variety of Games Offered

A remarkable online betting bonus us casino offers a broad selecting of games for the players, allowing them to choose their favorite. It would be unfortunate to sign in and find your favorite game unavailable on that website.

Variety of games

Commendable Customer Support

Your online casino of choice should be available round the clock for all customer inquiries and concerns. The customer service team should also be flexible enough to offer assistance through various channels. Whether through chats, calls, or emails, you should be sure to get help and make the best of your betting experience.

Quick and Easy Deposits and Payouts

Payment options affect deposits and withdrawal. Therefore, the best U.S. online casinos should make your cash deposits and winning retrieval process convenient and straightforward.

Bonuses and Rewards

Doing your due diligence is vital to avoid getting ripped. The internet floods with scams and unreliable information that may lead to massive losses when one is duped. Therefore, you should conduct sufficient background research and, where possible, make inquiries to unearth online casinos with incredible bonuses, promotions, and rewards

Licensed and Accredited

An online casino that works along the federal government regulations and directives is genuine. Licensed online betting casinos are credible and trustworthy in their dealings. You are, therefore, going to enjoy the benefits of gaming with a bonded online casino.

What is a Riskfree Bet?

This is a bet you can do without risking any money. Many betting sites offer this as a signup offer to attract new players or to reactivate existing customers.

Mobile Betting

All betting sites offers betting through mobile today. This is fantastic since it makes it possible to be at the match and place a bet at the same time.

Odds Trading

This is the type of betting where sites do not risk anything. You basically bet towards other players and the odds moves based on amount of bets and amounts on each team.

Why Do Online Casinos Offer Bonuses

To Attract New Customers

For most leading online casinos, offering betting bonuses is a sure way to keep a consistent new customer flow. They use an online betting bonus to entice the new clients to sign up and make a deposit. Casinos have been unfairly branded as some of the most popular ways of losing money. Consequently, some customers have been reluctant to register. Thus, a welcoming bonus aims to entice new customers to overcome online betting usafear and doubt.

To Encourage Dormant Customers

Smart online casinos know better than to let go of their clients. Therefore, they are kin to notice when a particular customer has not placed a bet in a long while. They thus offer an online betting bonus that will encourage the client to be active again.

To Reward Existing Customers

The best betting bonus us casinos pay attention to establishing a strong user base. Casino players are online casino’s most significant investment. Therefore, they focus on offering an online betting bonus for maximum customer satisfaction.

To Beat the Competition

Online betting usa casinos face competition now more than ever, and customers have a wide variety of options to consider. Therefore, offering attractive betting bonuses helps websites stand out from their competitors.

The benefits of online betting bonuses go both ways. In addition to financial services, online betting usa casinos can acquire and retain customers on their websites. For customers, bonuses go a long way in boosting their earnings and fun.

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Common Types of Online Betting Bonus

Free Bonus

This betting bonus us is one of the most luring offers provided by most prominent online casinos. The casino credits some amount of money in your account, allowing you to bet on a particular event. You are then required to wait until the end of the event for the outcome. In case your bet loses, you have absolutely nothing to lose. In case of a win, however, you can place another bet using your winnings.

Welcome Bonus

Also known as the cash sign up, a welcome bonus primarily focuses on a new customer. It is a way of rewarding a customer to join a particular betting usa website. The welcome bonus is one of the most used competition strategies by online casinos. When you credit your first deposit, the casino offers you a promotion, usually a certain percentage of your deposit. You might need to get in touch with your online casino customer service team to claim your bonus after the first deposit in some rare cases. The bonus percentage offered for a welcome bonus is usually between fifty to two hundred percent, depending on your online casino. For dormant accounts, a particular type of bonus, a reload bonus, replenishes and reactivate the account, encouraging the customer to resume betting.

Money-Back Bonus-Risk-Free Bets

Also known as a win or win bet, money back bonus is another impressive online betting bonus offered by top online U.S. casinos. The casino requires you to bet on a specific predetermined amount of money whose value varies according to your particular online casino. These special bets are also mostly on a pre-selected event where you receive a net gain in case of a win. However, you are guaranteed a refund of your money in free bets or cash, usually matching your stake to a certain amount in case of a loss.

Loyalty Bonus

This exciting bonus rewards existing customers for sticking with one online casino operator for an extended period. Gamers then redeem these bonuses into prices.

Refer a Friend

Top-notch online betting bonus us casinos use this remarkable betting bonus to encourage existing clients to bring in others. Most betting usa casinos use this approach as a thank-you-gift and an appreciation to their loyal customers. Different online betting usa websites have additional wagering requirements to earn this bonus. Therefore, it would be essential to understand the terms and conditions that your favorite casino stipulates to earn the bonus. Lest you forget, the new friend you refer is also entitled to a welcome bonus after the first deposit.

Factors to Consider Before Claiming for Online Betting Bonuses.

Is Your State Eligible?

Before anything else, you should understand that not every state in the U.S. allows online gambling. Therefore, you should confirm that your country is not in the restricted territories list before claiming an online bettingbonus in the U.S.A.

Have a Clear Understanding of the Terms and Conditions

The majority of online betting casinos have set aside varying wagering requirements and restrictions. Therefore, you must read and understand the conditions associated with that particular bonus. Wagering involves the number of times you will need to play through the bonus before it turns into withdrawable money. You are also supposed to play specific games to unlock special bonuses. Be sure to select games that eligible for the casino bonuses.

Check the Validity Period

Bonuses are only valid for a specific period, after which you can no longer use them. Therefore, it will help if you select betting bonuses that offer a reasonable amount of time to use the bonus.

Understand the Percentage of the Deposit Bonus

The amount of money you receive is a characteristic of the percentage of your deposit amount your online casino is offering you. You can, therefore, make comparisons and choose a casino that is worth your investment.

Stick to a Reliable Online Casino

The most reputable online betting bonus us casinos offer the best online betting bonuses in the U.S. Playing in a genuine online casino not only guarantees you a thrilling experience but also a wide range of exciting bonuses and rewards throughout the year.