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An introduction to New Jersey sports betting

New Jersey sports betting has taken off over the past few years. Licensed by the Division of Gaming Enforcement, it is legal to bet in New Jersey and there are a plethora of betting sites to choose from. Ostensibly, over 80% of sports wagers in the state are placed online.

For all states, the legal gambling age is 21. In New Jersey, this was lowered to 18 between 1978 and 1983, however it has now gone back up to 21. However, the current regulations prohibit athletes and coaches from betting that could influence the outcome or result of a match. Nevertheless, New Jersey is the largest state when it comes to gambling wagering online and since 2018.

new jersey online betting

Play legal NJ online sportsbooks

Betting sites have become more accessible in New Jersey and in the US more generally. Of course, with bettors being spoilt for choice, it is important to do your research. Spend time going through individual betting sites and assess the kinds of markets they offer as well as general odds and bonuses they provide. Once you are satisfied you can bet on your chosen sport whether it be NBA or NFL, you should fully read up on the terms and conditions of any given site. Since doing all that research would take a lot of time, we have done it all for you! You will find a lot of information on this page and can read reviews about each betting site.

The registration process of a New Jersey sports betting site is relatively straightforward and it takes just a matter of minutes to sign up. All you have to do is create an account by filling in your personal details and after that deposit money to your account.

Also, with more people playing on the go nowadays, New Jersey sports betting has become more conducive for mobile apps and there are sports betting apps that are compatible for both Apple and Android users. But with Google enforcing a ban on gambling apps from within the Google Play Store, Android users will have to go to the betting site and download the app there.

Bonuses and attracting new customers

Part of the appeal of any online betting site are the bonuses and welcome packages that are offered. They come in all different shapes and sizes and some are more lucrative than others. Among the types of bonuses you can expect to come across are of the sign-up variety. This could be for example, ‘Up to $1,000 FREE sign up bonus’.

Alternatively, reputable sportsbook will offer risk free bets such as a $400 risk free bet upon first deposit as part of their weekly listing of promos. Any NJ online sports betting site will make it clear for bettors how to activate the promo code should they wish to proceed and play the bonus on offer.

Whereas other betting sites will provide a tempting free bet upon sign up as well as a risk-free bet on deposit for new bettors. Online betting sites have therefore had to think more creatively in order to entice new bettors to sign up and in the long term retain their loyalty.

What kind of bets can you place?

New Jersey sportsbooks have a plethora of different betting options for new and existing customers. Beginning with the most common are the moneyline bets. Essentially, moneyline bets revolve around picking the winner of any given game. So for example, if the Buffalo Bills were facing the Denver Broncos and you put money on the Bills to win and they won, you would get money based on the moneyline odds offered. Typically, with American odds, the favorites are presented with a – sign such as -200 whereas the + sign reflects the underdog.

For those who may be more knowledgeable about a certain sport, the over/under bets may be more appealing. The over/under bets simply refer to how many total points will be scored in a game. In tennis, you can predict the total number of games over/under or odd/even. If Novak Djokovic were facing Frances Tiafoe at the US Open in the third round, Djokovic would be the heavy favorite and may not concede so many games. So you may decide to bet on total of under 25 games.

There are also the proposition bets which are akin to specials and it is betting on whether something will happen or not. So if there was an NFL match, you could bet on Aaron Rodgers to throw for more than three touchdown passes. Sportsbooks that are worth their salt will have props on all different kinds of game to keep bettors interested.

Whereas some gamblers may prefer to indulge in future bets. These are more long term and take place over the course of the season. This could be on LA Galaxy to win the MLS play-offs and odds here may start out quite long and shorten as the campaign goes on. These kind of bets have more favorable odds at the beginning of the season and they can pay out quite well.

Approaches to avoid when betting online

There are many things to avoid while online betting and some of these strategies may help to provide more success. Firstly, you should never chase your losses. If you have placed quite a few bets over a short period of time with little success, doing the same thing will not provide different results. Instead, take stock and revisit a sports betting site on a different day with a fresh pair of eyes.

Also, make note of your bets. This is all a part of the learning process. Look at what worked well and what didn’t and apply your findings to future bets. In addition, you should never bet with your heart and instead follow your head. Some bettors may rely upon gut instinct, but by thinking logically, it can help alleviate pain in the long run.